Best Monitors for Console Gaming:Definitive Buying Guide,Tips (2018)

Console gaming has always been very much at the top of every gamer’s wish list in recent times. In order to truly enjoy a memorable gaming experience, one must equip themselves with the best gaming accessories on the market. This applies to gaming monitors for PS4 and Xbox One as well. There are hundreds of different options to consider but how do you pick the very right one for you? This article is a complete go through the guide which will help you decide which gaming monitor for PS4 is the best fit for your gaming requirements. Read on to find out more.

Tip #1: Is it necessary to buy a 120Hz+ monitor?

In common practices, the refresh rate is limited to just 60 Hz in most modern day gaming consoles. However, this is shocking for many as TVs are available with refresh rates such as 120 or even 240 Hz as well.

This 60 Hz refresh rates is then converted to the higher refresh rate with the extra one treated as a padding which is duplicated or artificially produced. These refresh rates allow the game to appear smoother but will in no way be similar to the 120 Hz in real action.

Not many consoles cross beyond the 120 Hz mark. The Xbox does have provisions for a 120 Hz viewing on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. However, this too is limited to a very small number of gaming titles.

Though most modern day gamers are fans of raised refresh rates such as 120 or 144 Hz, they will want to run their games at the very highest fps possible. Higher refresh re always good which will help you experience a gaming experience like no other. High refresh rates come in handy when you wish to connect multiple monitors at once.

Tip #2: 4K is always best?

In recent memory, only PC gaming allowed 4K gaming but with the release of superior quality gaming consoles, 4K gaming is all the more possible with consoles. However, it is important to note that 4K is not something which comes by the cheap. You will have to invest heavily in buying a 4K monitor, graphics cards as well as certain other heavy investments.

Sony’s PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X are able to support gaming at 4K which is about 3840 x 2160 UHD. They do not support Display Port technologies, unlike PC gaming. It’s always best to go for a monitor which supports HDMI 2.0 or higher for better results. If you are looking for a gaming monitor which can be used both on PCs as well as on Consoles, it is important to realize how carefully such monitors are able to handle non-native resolutions. People believe that such monitors can easily achieve that, but not all can do that. Hence, before buying any gaming monitor, it’s always advised to check the ‘Interpolation and upscaling’ aspects of the gaming monitor you’re wishing to purchase.

Despite the release of good quality gaming monitors which are able to support Ultra wide resolutions, this is not the same as the latest gaming consoles. These resolutions are not supported by them and are more commonly designated to display only the common 16:9 aspect ratio. Only time will tell how gaming consoles will advance to truly accommodate ultra wide gaming capabilities in the near future.

Tip #3: Do I need a gaming monitor with a response time between 1-2 ms?

The response time of a gaming monitor is something related to the responsiveness of the monitor when an image changes on it. In order to understand refresh time better, let us go through the following facts about the response time of a gaming monitor for PS4:

  • The movement of our eyes is only when there is a motion on the screen which in turn depends on the refresh rate of the gaming monitor.
  • The blurring on a gaming monitor is all down to the movement of the eye and not pixel responsiveness.
  • The response times specified by the manufacturers are not real and in some cases vary depending on the colors involved in the transition of images.
  • When a 1-2 ms response time has been quoted, it represents only the fastest of transitions possible by the monitor and not the average response time which is way lesser.
  • Consider a 60Hz sample and hold the monitor. If pixel responsiveness is more than 8 ms, your eye masks it. The blur which follows means that there is no difference between an 8ms pixel transition and the very same transition happening at 1ms.

Hence, going by these concepts, it’s safe to say that 1-2 ms response rate gaming monitor will not do you any added benefit. IN reality, it is always slower than the rated value. However, it is more important to consider the speed of the response time where the need for very fast pixel transition doesn’t exist.

Tip #4: Do viewing angles really matter?

There are a bunch of console gamers who sit back from their monitor screen. This can be described as the dynamic slouch position. During such scenarios, wide viewable screens always help. When it comes to olden days LCDs, the viewing angle was limited. Different sections of the screen would not be viewable and this repented a major weakness in gaming technology. This problem holds true for large screens but by a small factor for smaller screens.

It is very common to not that TN panels have weaker viewing angles that a certain color shade will appear more saturated at the screen bottom in comparison to the top. The horizontal shifts to prevail. Though the best-calibrated TN panel monitor can produce accurate color shades at the center however the same color will appear saturated or blurred at the bottom of the screen. Hence, this panel type is not preferred for color-rich display applications.

Vertical viewing angle weakness on a TN panel

When it comes to gaming, you don’t usually expect to see large blocks of color in one place. However, the problem of color saturation does affect the performance of the game considerably. Most common games are all about the distinctiveness in the colors during gameplay. Saturation of these colors spoils the mood as a whole.

A perfectly calibrated IPS panel monitor is able to display a particular color shade which is meant to be that shade. The shade will be very distinctive from other shades on the screen even where the differences are to be minimal. Dark colors will appear on the top of the screen and the lighter shades will appear at the very bottom of the screen. A TN monitor will hold shades which are saturated at the top whereas the less saturated shades will be held at the bottom of the screen. The problem arises when closely matching shades are to be displayed. The distinctiveness is lost and this applied to very much all of the real world examples as well.

Tip #5: Do I really need a ‘Black eQualizer’?

The ‘Black eQualizer’ feature is the ability of a gaming monitor for messing up the gamma curve I such a way that games do not appear as its director intends it to be. Darker shades are made all the lighter which further helps improve visibility in dark areas. This can be treated as a competitive edge during gaming but this modification certainly kills off the atmosphere of the game being played.

The intended image

Let us work with a comparison. In case of a monitor with the ‘Black eQualizer’ feature, all the unintended details of the gameplay environment are revealed. Shades which are near black are raised in order to appear lighter than usual and are made to stand out as well. This gives the game a very unnatural and oil slick like the look.

Though many of us are already thinking that this feature doesn’t do any good to the gaming experience, it still is of great benefit when it comes to competitive gamers. It helps to enhance the visibility of the colors but at the expense of accuracy. Certain gaming monitors allow the adjustment of gamma settings in certain situations which replicates this behavior. Such monitors will definitely provide you with better image quality in specific departments in games where they are intended to look best.

Tip #6: How do I set up my monitor for console gaming?

As we already know, most modern day PCs are nothing but slow powered PCs from the inside. Hence, in this article, we have included the correct possible way to set up your gaming monitor to experience the very best of console gaming. Furthermore, we also explain in this article the correct way to better the color signal on the GPU as well as on the monitor. In case of consoles, you will certainly not have a GPU driver to mess around with but this can be done using an option which is available in the menu option of the console. Hence, it is always advised to use both the settings and finally choose which one you feel is the best. If your gaming monitor does support this, you must always set the RGB Range which ranges from HDMI Black to Full range. Not all the monitors out there have such an adjustment feature and in most cases, automatically configured. There are a wide variety of instructions online which will help you understand this.

Conclusion and recommendations

Most of the modern day manufacturers of gaming monitors are trying their level best to introduce products which are appealing to the gamers out there. Factors such as video resolutions, refresh rates and product bases are all being improved considerably in order to be on par with the customer expectations. In certain models, wider aspect ratios of more than 16:9 are being introduced as well. However, it’s important to note that all these upgrades come at a cost and customers are certainly not willing to spend so much on such upgrades.

The market for the simplest 60 Hz gaming monitor still exists and is pretty much huge as well. Such monitors can deliver a video playback resolution of 1920 x 1080 resolution which is good enough for average gaming. Certain gaming monitors which deliver UHD or 4K UHD video resolutions are being expanded for use with HDMI 2.0. This way, these TVs can be used on gaming consoles which can handle all these resolutions. These are the latest monitors which are marketed more extensively and are well known among the gaming circles such as the BenQ RL Series. The manufacturer of such gaming monitors sponsors E-Sports events by simply providing gaming monitors to the participants to the competition. This will, in turn, help them out with publicity and brand recognition. These products are then covered with flowery descriptions which revolve around super-fast 1-2 ms response times along with certain other features which sets them apart from their competition as well. You can find a variety of products descriptions which give you a wide range of alternatives you can choose from. These recommendations are the best there is and are laid out to help you chose the best gaming monitor for your console gaming experience.

Over the years, console gaming has begun to move ahead with time and this applies to the accessories as well. Gaming monitors are only going to get better with time but this doesn’t mean that you will have to pay a huge sum of money to attain these advancements. With time, all the very exciting features too will be slashed in terms of cost and will turn into a necessity someday.

This article was written keeping in mind the various technical know how’s which you must know before you end up buying the perfect gaming monitor for your gaming requirements.